The Garda Lake

The Garda Lake is the biggest of the Italian lakes, with a coastline full of charming hamlets and villages that are witnesses to a centuries-old history.

Its bright environment, mild climate, rich and varied vegetation together with the majesty of its landscapes make it the most attractive of them all.

A trip around the Lake by boat is an absolute must for an extremely pleasant experience exploring the area from various points of view and stopping at the localities that intrigue you the most.

Absolutely not to be missed:

  • Vittoriale degli Italiani (The Shrine of Italian Victories);
  • Salò Cathedral;
  • Limone sul Garda;
  • Riva del Garda and its surrounding territory;
  • Monte Baldo;
  • Punta San Vigilio;
  • Isola del Garda (Garda Island);
  • Sirmione, its Castle and the Catullo Caves);
  • Marmitte dei Giganti (The Giants’ Cauldron);
  • Canale del Tenno;
  • Varone Waterfall.

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