The territory of Franciacorta

Franciacorta is a relatively small territory where the love of wine blends in perfectly with the beauty of an area that goes from Brescia all the way to Lake Iseo.

An area that is famous for the production of wine with the same name, Franciacorta DOCG (designation of origin with a guarantee of quality), produced according to the classical method of a second fermentation in a bottle, in the variations of Franciacorta, Franciacorta Satèn and Franciacorta Rosè.

The landscape, characterized by picturesque hills dotted with vineyards, provides tourists with numerous surprises and activities to carry out.

In fact, cultural and historical sites, relaxation surrounded by nature, opportunities for sports or leisure entertainment make the area of Franciacorta a true revelation to those who go there for the first time.

Among the recommended activities:

  • a visit to a wine cellar;
  • participating in the Festival of the Territory of Franciacorta;
  • trekking, hiking trails and nordic walking among the vineyards;
  • cycling tourism around the magnificent hillside landscapes;
  • birdwatching and nature photography, the “Torbiere (peat-bog) of Sebino” nature reserve;
  • Saint Peter’s Monastery in Lamosa;
  • Abbazia Olivetana di San Nicola (St. Nicholas’s Olivetana Abbey);
  • Tour of the Castles.

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