The Iseo Lake

The Iseo Lake, a rare beauty gem, where nature mixes with art giving one a wonderful sense of peace and well-being.

Ancient, picturesque hamlets rise on its banks, you meet fascinating nature reserves, and you can try the traditional local fish dishes.

We heartily recommend a trip around the lake, to take, according to one’s own preference, either by bike, car, motorcycle or boat so as to discover the beauty of the landscapes to be admired.

Absolutely not to be missed:

  • the Nature Reserves (Torbiere del Sebino [Peat-bog of Sebino], Piramidi nei Zone [the Pyramids of Zone], Valle del Freddo [Freddo Valley]);
  • the ancient Valeriana road;
  • Lovere;
  • Monte Isola;
  • l’Orridi di Riva di Solto e Castro (the Gorges of Riva di Solto and Castro);
  • Sarnico and the Picture Gallery;
  • The Romanesque in Basso Sebino;
  • The Thermal Baths at the Villa Romana in Predore.

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